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Implants are best and long-term solutions for tooth replacement. They are in the same position and function of the natural teeth.

After an implant is placed in the jaw bone, a period of biological fusion with bone, lasting two months, follows. In the second phase we construct the porcelain crown on such stabilized implant. Tooth implantation has become a routine intervention and is more and more frequently used. Intervention is simple and safe owing to high-tech concept and to and implant size and construction. Nobel Biocare® is the leading company in the field of implantology, with longest tradition and “Replace Select” and “Branemark” systems are the featuring brands. Our successful 15-year experience with Biocare implants confirms that we have made a reliable and confirmed choice. Modern techniques combined with long experience in the field provide admirable results:

99% therapeutic success during 11-year period!

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Implants before

Implants before

Implants after

CAD CAM technology is used for making suprastructure of implants. We make the suprastructures (usually made of titanium) individually, and out of zirconium. Thanks to that we can achieve complete transparency and perfect aesthetics, which are most important at frontal teeth, as well as the extremely precise and natural contact with soft tissue.

Implants and three free metal-ceramic crowns