ugradnja implantata kod zubara


Tooth replacement

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lasersko beljenje zuba u stomatoloskoj ordinaciji beograd


The White Excel prof.whitening

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ispravljanje zuba providnom folijom


For minor dental irregularities

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Beldent Dental studio

Beldent Dental Studio was founded in 1991. Its practice is in accordance with the Directive set by the Council of European Dentists, which implies high standards in dentistry and oral healthcare and the use of modern methods and technology in dental therapy.The main idea of our practice is individualized approach to patient’s requirements, prearrangement of every appointment and complete team dedication to the client. Dr Prelevic has completed a great deal of his trainings and acquired working experience at international clinics /in Italy and the USA/ and that made him decide to develop a sophisticated private practice which is comprehensive, individualized and provides highest quality dental care.

You want great smile and healthy teeth?

Beldent dental studio respect Your time.
Each treatment is precisely scheduled, preconceived, painless and efficient.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

In case of a true dental emergency, please call our office at 011 263 44 55. We will direct you to an emergency line that will help you resolve the emergency.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

Our entire practice team is well trained in sterilization techniques designed to ensure patient safety. This goes beyond wearing gloves and facemasks to prevent passing germs, and includes a specialized hospital grade sterilization centre that utilizes instrument processing technology to make sure every single instrument used on our patients is fully sterilized. Our equipment is monitored daily utilizing industry standard spore testing that ensures every sterilization load is properly processed.

I really don’t like visiting the dentist. Is there anything you can do to help me relax?

Moguće je postaviti implantat umesto jednog zuba, a estetski učinak je izvanredan. Takođe, moguće je ugraditi implantat odmah nakon vađenja zuba, u istoj seansi. Potrebno da znate da, ukoliko ne postoji dovoljno kosti oko zuba koji je predviđen za vađenje ili ako je infekcija zahvatila kost oko zuba, prvo se mora uraditi priprema koštanog i mekog tkiva. Kada tkivo zaraste, implantat se ugrađuje a u medjuvremenu dobijate privremenu nadoknadu za izvadjeni zub.

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