Modern technology is irreplaceable for it allows all the processes to be quicker and more
efficient and also represents a basis for successful, safe and painless interventions.


Sterilization of the instruments is conducted by using machines that enable completely safe, standardized process and it’s done by following the protocols that are appointed by FDI (Federation Dentaire Internationale). Sterilization develops in three cycles: disinfection of the instruments for 30 minutes, followed by a 60 minutes treatment in thermo-disinfector in temperature at 70°C. The final phase consists of sterilization cycle in cassette autoclave (STATIM 5000) with computer regulated parameters and following of the process of the sterilization (temperature at 134°C, pressure level at 2,5 bar). Every cycle of the sterilization is always controlled with multi-parameter test indicators while keeping record of regular controls of all machines.


Quartz sterilizer reaches 300°C and we use it for sterilization of equipment for cleaning instruments, so that we could have constant safety and provide maximum quality of work.


The use of lasers in modern dentistry is constantly increasing in the last few decades because of the efficiency in the treatment of paradontopathy and all other pathological processes. We use the Dual Core laser with continuous and pulse effect from 800 to 1200 nm which allows efficient treatment of all superficial and deep diseases in the mouth, as well as inflammatory processes of dental pulp.
It is possible to use a very wide spectre and frequency range of the device, dual work mode and specific work probes allow us to treat all superficial and deep lesions.


It is used for digital zooming and detailed check-up, identification and presentation of teeth and soft tissue condition. We always use it on the first examination, and also when it is needed to view barely accessible and visible zones. The possibility of registering and filming has a great contribution in communication.


Detects caries in its earliest stages and other pathological processes in the area between teeth. The light which penetrates tooth enamel allows a complete visual scanning and a clear diagnosis.


All our hand pieces are equiped with fiberoptic led light which enables us to have a clear, completely visible working field. We perform all surgical interventions using fiberoptic led ligth and microcosopic ingradiation.


Our files have been digitalized for last 15 years. Dental records, X-rays, films and dental status of every patient are saved and all changes of data can be traced.


When there is a need to access teeth beneath the fixed prosthetic crown or bridge, that means that fixed prosthesis has to be destroyed. Therefore, a new prosthesis must be manufactured which increases the cost of intervention significantly when there is no need for that.

BelDent Dental Studio provides an opportunity to treat the tooth and to save the fixed prosthetic bridge or crown. By using the Anthogyr®Safe Relax® bridge remover the fixed prosthesis is preserved so it can be put back after the treatment of the tooth is done, or it could be used as a temporary prosthesis.


Endodontic treatment implies a cautious and precise approach in order to ensure good therapeutic results. Apex locator provides a precise measurement of the tooth canal lenght so it could be filled adequatley.
In order to shorten the working time and to ease the access to the root canals, we use rotary files. They make endodontic treatment more comfortable for the patient and ensure a quality treatment as well.